Stand-Alone Devices

10.8" VideoDoc™

Powerful and efficient Intel® Atom™ Quad core processors offer the perfect balance, boosting application performance and delivering extended battery life. Give your productivity a boost: Connect multiple monitors, plug straight into your network for faster speeds and transfer files faster with USB 3.0. Multitask like you mean it: The innovative Windows 8.1 operating system powers your current, Windows 7 and Windows XP applications, so multitasking is a snap. Quicker access: With up to 128MB of expandable micro SD memory you'll get generous file storage and quick transfer times. Or choose the Full sized USB key to attach any USB external storage solution. Optional accessories include rugged case, docking station, screen protectors and a keyboard.

23" VideoDoc™ Doctor's Station

This sturdy, All-in-One medical PC features a large 23" screen, making it ideal for permanent placement in physician offices and hospital settings. It sits comfortably on a desk, or can be placed on a VideoDoc™ Movi cart for increased mobility. The 23" VideoDoc™ can connect via LAN or wireless.

The VideoDoc 360™ system is designed to enable HD Video communication between a healthcare professional and a patient. Using a 23" VideoDoc™, the healthcare professional can view the patient in HD video and have a two-way audio conversation from virtually anywhere at any time. The system utilizes a robotic HD camera that is equipped with a 10X lens for superb picture quality. Designed specifically for medical applications, the rolling stand is easy to position anywhere in the room and has a telescopic pole that can be height adjusted. The system includes a built-in speaker with volume control. The integrated microphone provides crystal clear sound quality, capturing even the finest audio details. The system responds quickly to all of your commands, giving you fast and easy access to the images you need. The VideoDoc 360™ is an excellent choice for many areas in a hospital including ICU, Wound Care, GI Labs and the emergency room. VideoDoc 360™ is also ideal for nursing homes making it possible for healthcare professionals to communicate remotely.

The HNC PillStation is a state-of-the-art Medication Adherence System that allows individuals on complex medication regimens to more effectively self administer their prescriptions. Unlike simple medication organization tools, PillStation applies concepts of working memory, personalized messaging and intermittent positive reinforcement to teach and reinforce behavior that supports medication adherence. PillStation combines familiar day/week medication organization bins with patented direct visualization technology.

PillStation has the unique ability to take clear images of the medications being loaded and takes up-to-date images of the prescriptions after each use. These images along with other critical information are sent to an Advisor Center. Caring Advisors monitor images from PillStation and confirm medications match client prescriptions. Advisors set individual customized medication reminders for each client and monitor these reminders.


The 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 combines Ambient Noise Reduction technology and frictional noise dampening features with amplification, Bluetooth® technology, and an all-new user interface, for the next level of performance and ease of use.

2-in-1 Blood Pressure-Glucometer

The HNC 2-in-1 Blood Pressure / Glucometer is an advanced wireless blood pressure and blood glucose peripheral tool for measuring and assessing diastolic, systolic pressure and blood sugar. After performing a test, the results are automatically transmitted wirelessly to the VideoDoc™ for caregiver analysis and records.

Weight Scale

The HNC weight scale delivers reliable weight measurement for up to 10 individuals. Based on the individuals' gender, height, and age, a Body Mass Index is also determined. The scale is turned on with the tap of a toe and measures up to 180 kg (397 lb) in 0.1 kg increments. Weight can be displayed in kilograms, pounds, or stones.


The HNC VTrust ECG is a four lead ECG cardiac event recorder intended for monitoring symptoms that may suggest abnormal heart rhythms, skipped beats, palpitations, tachycardia, bradycardia, and the potential for dangerous symptoms such as faintness or lightheadedness. Results are instantly transmitted via Bluetooth to the VideoDoc terminal for caregiver review.

Pulse Oximeter

The HNC portable pulse oximeter is an easy-to-use oximeter for measuring real-time oxygen saturation levels in the blood and pulse rate. It displays the oxygen saturation and pulse rate averages with the absolute maximum and minimum measurements and transmits wirelessly to the VideoDoc™ for caregiver review.


The HNC spirometer can be used for measuring lung function during Vital Capacity (VC) and Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) tests. After performing a test, the results are automatically transmitted wirelessly to the VideoDoc™ for caregiver analysis and records.


The HNC PT/INR Monitor connects reliable results with practical convenience, making it an optimal solution for anticoagulation management. The PT/INR Monitor connects to the VideoDoc™ tablets via USB.


The HNC Proscope is a high-resolution handheld microscope that connects via USB. Video from the Proscope can be shared over VideoDoc's video conferencing solution.


The HNC™ Horuscope is an advanced otoscope that captures and records High Definition (1080p) still images and videos. In addition to its interchangeable attachment the horuscope can quickly and easily attach to any new or existing rigid or flexible endoscope.This unique system utilizes the latest in High Definintion imaging technology and incorporates it into a user friendly hand-held device.Still images and videos are simply captured with just a touch of a button and can be transferred seamlessly to a laptop or PC. These images and videos can easily be archived for later viewing.


The HNC™ Ultrasound is a general purpose abdominal probe that connects via USB. Video from the ultrasound can be shared over VideoDoc™'s video conferencing solution.