Virtual House Calls And Virtual Rounds Are Here! Now Physician and Patient can connect from anywhere in the world with our fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant VideoDoc telemedicine solution. As easy to use as an ATM, physicians can now conduct virtual house calls, rounds and exams from home, or in an office or clinical setting, complete with video conferencing and instant real-time patient vitals sent from the patients home, anywhere in the world. Patients take home a touchscreen terminal and a full kit of wireless devices to record all of their vitals in comfort and send them directly to their care providers and our EMR system in real time for analysis by their care provider.

Our system is HIPAA and HITECH compliant for patient privacy and has been architectured and approved by Siemens for use in all hospital systems. All of our products are FDA and CE tested and approved.

Health Net Connect is a proud member of the J & B Medical Supply family of companies. With over 1 Million Medical Products and 700+ Major Manufacturers, we offer everything the medical field needs to serve their patients and internal customers. Our family of companies and divisions includes: Health Net Connect (Telemedicine), J & B Diaper & Incontinence Services Program, J & B Diabetic Services J & B Durable Medical Equipment (DME) , CMS Pharmacy Services, J & B Sports Medicine, J & B Medical / Surgical Supplies & Equipment,J & B Veterinary, J & B Medical All Hazard Preparedness, J & B EMS Supply Services and many more specialties in the medical arena.

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Recent Deployments

  • Northpointe Obstetrics and Genecology
    Prenatal Virtual Consultations

  • Hurley Medical Center
    Prenatal Virtual Consultations

  • Mary Lee Community Health & Training Center
    Home Health Care Examinations

  • St. John Providence (Ascension Health)
    CHF and COPD Patient Pilot: 71% Reduction in 30-day post discharge readmission for high-risk patients

  • Henry Ford Health Systems
    Neurology Department remote stroke unit examinations

  • Henry Ford Health Products
    Patient Discharge monitoring solutions for CHF, COPD and Diabetes

  • Detroit Wayne County Health Authority
    Connecting St. Johns Hospital Physician Specialists to Urban FQHC Clinics for Virtual Rounds and Examinations

  • Saudi Arabia
    Connecting Middle-East patients to Physicians Worldwide

  • Belgium
    International Economic Development signing ceremony with the Government of Belgium and the US State Department, New York, NY